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Josh Bach Limited Lego Tie

That Lego set every guy remembers fondly is now captured by Josh Bach as a whimsical necktie design. How can you go wrong giving the men in your life a piece of the past they cherished so dearly? Blue, grey and black silk twill. Silk twill.

55" length and 3" Width

Josh Bach Limited New York Tie

Neckties are the quintessential fallback gift when you’re buying for men, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Josh Bach saw an opportunity to make ties something special. When he couldn’t find great men’s items that expressed individuality and creativity, he designed his own, drawing on his training as an architect and art director. His designs are clever and his canvas -- a necktie -- is the perfect scale for men who want to make a fashion statement without going too far.

Josh finds inspiration in familiar subjects and interprets them as fashion. One of his ties illustrates the music of Johann Sebastian Bach, and another turns scientific formulas into graphic design. The Stock Ticker tie depicts soaring stock prices from 1999. For baseball enthusiasts, a ballpark-themed tie incorporates sketches of historic baseball stadiums. Each tie is made from imported silk and hand-finished in New York.

Josh’s ties make an impression -- they make us smile, or remind us of someplace special, or pique our curiosity. Men, it’s time to tie one on.

55"Length and 3"Width

Josh Bach Limited Music Tie

Josh Bach MUSIC Neck Tie

Your musician will love this tie. Light yellow background. 100% silk. By Josh Bach.

55" length and 3" Width

Josh Bach Limited Music Bow Tie

Your musician will love this bow tie. Light yellow background. 100% silk. By Josh Bach.


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