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Cow Parade-Birthday Cow

Artist: Mike Dowdall, Humberto Castro Cruz, Juan Andreau
Sponsor: CowParade
Event: CowParade West Hartford
Type: Ceramic
Size: The Collection (Medium, 5.5" x 6")
Intro Date: Spring 2004

Price: $29.99
Cow Parade-Half Half

Sponsor: Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board Event: CowParade Wisconsin Type: Resin Size: The Collection (Medium, 4.5" x 6") Intro Date: February 2009
Price: $42.00
Cow Parade-Moo York Celebration
COW PARADE - Moo York Celebration

Artist: Billy the Artist
Event: CowParade New York 200
Type: Ceramic
Size: The Collection (Medium, 4.5" x 6")
Intro Date: Spring 2013

About this Cow. Moo York Celebration was created by Billy the Artist, a renowned pop artist from New York City. Originally a best-selling Museum Edtion piece, she is now available in medium size for the first time.

Price: $43.00
Cow Parade-Moo Potter

Artist: Artist: Meredith McCord Event: CowParade Houston 2001 About This Cow: This whimsical piece of American folk art features a collection of individual hand painted tea pots, cups and plates. Replicated in fine detail, each of the over 20 adornments is an independent work of art. Her ears are embellished with tea cup earrings to give her a feminine touch, while her utters, most cleaverly, are her paint dispensers. Moo Potter makes a wonderful piece of décor for the kitchen, den or sun room.She is a best-selling Museum Edition piece and is now available in medium-size. She was made slightly larger than the standard cow in the The Collection to hold the various plates, saucers and cups. She measures approximately 8 inches long
Price: $42.00
Cow Parade-HIgh Dive
COW PARADE - High Dive Cow

Artist: VON SYDOW DESIGN and Klaus Gjørup
Event: CowParade Copenhagen 2007
Type: Resin
Size: The Collection (Medium, 3" x 8")
Intro Date: Spring 2013

About this Cow. Showing a rare combination of confidence and grace, the High Dive Cow is a pure inspiration. One of CowParade Copenhagen's finest bovines will make a splash in your home. A sure conversation piece for even your most serious guests.

Price: $36.99

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